Play in the Mall – Ep 19

Till from Germany wrote to ask a question about MVA (minimal viable audience), to which Rob Booker replies, “Play in the mall.” Well, he says a lot more than that. In Episode 19 of Marketing Podcast Weekly, your hosts Rob and Jason discuss Kevin Kelly’s concept of accruing 1,000 true fans. We talk about starting small by “playing in the mall,” and we also discuss taking your personal approach and pushing it forward. Join us!
Marketing Podcast Weekly gives you strategies for marketing, but especially for those marketing in the retail trading industry.

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The Grocery Store Test – Ep 010

What is “The Grocery Store Test”? We’re glad you’re curious because that shows us that you have at least some interest in what we have to share with you! In Episode 10 of Marketing Podcast Weekly, your hosts Rob Booker and Jason Pyles discuss a technique whereby you can realistically gauge and get some real-world sense of how interesting your offerings are (or aren’t) to the general public.

We also talk about the “Produce a Ton of Content Test,” and how you truly never know how a piece of content will be received until you test it on a real audience. We also discuss the multi-purpose versatility of most content and how it can be used in many ways and to great effect. If your content is working in one platform, then by all means, you should share it in other places, as well. We also discuss how insightful it can be to meet your customers in person because it helps you to better understand exactly what they want.

Marketing Podcast Weekly provides strategies for marketing, especially for those marketing in the retail trading industry. Join us to learn more!

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