How to Win the Mental Battle for Achievement – Ep 26

Welcome to Marketing Podcast Weekly! Today Rob Booker and Jason Pyles discuss the power of incrementalism and how to win the mental battle for achievement. Now, we have all heard that in order to eat an elephant we must take one bite at a time, and yes, that’s a silly, yet effective visual, but let’s go a little deeper.

Both Rob and Jason have accomplished some pretty impressive goals in their lives so let’s hear how they’ve done it!

The first step is to convince your mind that your task is possible and easy. Rob can tell you first hand how this works. Even just recently, here’s what happened: He had an outrageous goal. He convinced himself that it was possible. He set out to accomplish his goal. And guess what – it got hard. Projections were low, new obstacles popped up all over the place. But because Rob believed that his goal was possibly and easy, he was able to double down and persevere.

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