The Consequences of Not Making the Changes You Know You Need to Make – Ep 014

Every great marketer takes the time to reflect on the past. Sure, we should always be thinking about the future — onward and upward — and we’ll get to that, but there are benefits to pondering on the past. In Episode 14 of Marketing Podcast Weekly, your hosts Rob Booker and Jason Pyles talk about reflecting on something from our past that we could have started and maintained which would have paid off significantly by now in the present!

In this show, Rob encourages you to think about what you could start doing now, and if you continued to consistently do that thing going forward, how lucrative it could potentially be in the future. If this seems too abstract, you can think about it in simpler terms. Ask yourself this question: 10 years from now, what element of my business will I regret not focusing on more? What we’re talking about is the consequences of not making the changes that you know you need to make right now. We also discuss solutions for overcoming the fear of making changes. Join us for Episode 14 to learn more!

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